why us? because we

to grow your competitive advantage.

Also, we have expertise, experience, and great intuition in marketing and sales to help you win.

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Expertise, experience, and intuition to help you win

Also, we study with the best, understand the market, and intuit industry trends to help you win.

get an SEO performance audit

We study with the best minds
in marketing, Sales, & business strategy
to keep you in a winning position

We believe that only when we are the best can we provide the best for our clients.
Therefore, we invest in honing in our skill sets.

Constant learning keeps us ahead of the trend so that we can

And that’s what you want in your marketing partner.

Digital Marketing

Our skill sets for your success:

SEO, CRO, UX / UI, Branding, Storytelling, Advertising, Copywriting, Font Pairing, Color Pairing, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Funnel Strategy, Long Form Sales Letter, Sideway Product Launch

Ryan Deiss

We studied with Ryan Deiss, who has been called “one of the world’s leading digital marketers”. 

We have the tools to leverage marketing data for future business and financial growth prediction.


We follow the work of Seth Godin. He is known as ‘the ultimate entrepreneur for the information age’. 

We practice various aspects of marketing, advertising, business venturing, and leadership skills.


We trained with Jeff Walker, the creator of The Product Launch Formula and Sideway Sales Letters.

We utilize the proven method to launch any product and build successful online businesses at any time.


We studied with Neil Patel, who is the CEO of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics

We practice effective SEO & CRO tactics, and other essential digital marketing tools to drive higher ROI.


We trained with Russell Brunson, author of DotCom Secrets and founder of ClickFunnels

We are great at landing page design and funnel strategy to increase conversion rate and sales-qualified-leads.


Our skill sets for your success:

A/B Testing, SWOT Analysis, Market Research, Industry Analysis, Persona Creation, Persona Targeting, Competitive Research, Landing Page Optimization, Writing effective email copy, follow-up strategy, qualification tactics, outbound sales process


We studied with Jeremiah Gardner, the author of The Lean Brand, the first book to apply lean principles to branding

We know how to optimize businesses for disruptive brand-formation by using experimentation and iteration.


We studied with Ash Maurya, the author of Running Lean and the creator of the one-page business modelling tool Lean Canvas

We master key metrics for growth and creating value-based relationships with target audience.


We trained with Dan Martell, a serial entrepreneur who runs the biggest Youtube channel for SaaS entrepreneurs in the world. 

We use the proven strategies, essential tools, and positive mindset to help businesses scale quickly and exponentially.


We studied and worked with Aaron Ross, the author of Predictable Revenue.

We utilize the proven system and method to optimize outbound sales process and build predictable revenues.


Our skill sets for your success:

Goals Setting, Creative Problem Solving, Strategic Business Planning, Maximizing Daily Performance

Todd herman

We trained with Todd Herman, a high performance coach and expert in building productive mental paradigms for success.

We are operating a proven system to maximize daily value, outcome, and consistent growth.

tim draper

We trained with Tim Draper, the author of How to Be the Startup Hero, a venture capital investor, and founder of DraperU. 

We practice creative problem solving skills to troubleshoot any obstacles between now and future success. 

When you partner with us,
you are contributing to a better world.

For every dollar ROI Monkeys earn, a portion will be invested in a foundation and institute for young girls to access free or affordable STEM education globally.

When you partner with us, you Will feel good knowing that your investment contributes to painting a brighter, more colorful future for many young children in the world where educational resources are scarce.

Don’t just use ROI Monkeys for our expertise,

what our clients say about us

“They set me free.”
I’m working less and earning more. They took the burden off me doing marketing on my own. Now I focus my energy on talking to clients and closing deals, which is why I was in Real Estate in the first place.​
Kathy M.
Kathy M.Real Estate Agent
“Satisfying Results.”
Our sales pipeline increased. Our email list doubled. They did a total makeover to our website, and we are getting five times more inquiries and calls scheduled. I can see consistent growth in our business.​
Justin K.
Justin K.Property Manager
“Quick results!”
I started getting more calls in 6 weeks. By the end of our fifth month working together, I had to grow my team because there were a lot more leads to follow up than I could handle. My business definitely grew because of their marketing help.​ I’m so excited about the next stage of my business!
Tracy C.
Tracy C.Business Owner
“5 out of 5 stars.”
I loved working with Preston and Chenyang. Their business instinct is spot on. I needed more than technical fixes, but industry trend analysis and market research. They helped me position my company better than I could think of. Hands down the best marketing agency I’ve ever worked with.

Andrew J.
Andrew J.Brokerage Owner

You want results.
And we deliver.

Are you ready to turn goals into achievements?

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