We’re a Digital Marketing Agency
That Specializes In Helping
Blockchain Companies
Grow Revenues Online

ROI Monkeys has deep knowledge of blockchain (tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, people, etc.).

We will help you with digital marketing for your blockchain company, ICO, or TGE without breaking the pesky platform advertising rules.

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Increasing Brand awareness, Thought Leadership, and growing Your user base

More than any other agency, we know how to craft winning messages in the blockchain industry because it’s in our DNA. Our founders operate a highly-respected blockchain business. So unlike all the other agencies: we know what it takes to grow your user base with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) & Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) to make you and your brand the leaders in the blockchain industry.

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We Are Your Experts In ROI-FOCUSED Digital Marketing

Position Your Brand As an Authority & Thought Leader

In order for your blockchain company, TGE, or ICO to be successful, it will require positioning you and your brand as an authority, a large community, and legitimacy. You need the ROI Monkeys to help you build a solid marketing foundation to help you outlast the hype and set up your project on a solid and scalable foundation.

Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising

With advertising, think of your dollars like soldiers. You don’t want to send your soldiers off to die without any ROI. You want each soldier killing for you, ideally as many bad guys as possible, getting you maximum ROI. You want a black box where you put in a dollar and get some factor of ROI out. That’s where the ROI Monkeys come in…

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Maximize ROI by tracking CPL, CPA, CPS, CTR

Our founders have baked analytics and ROI so deeply into our culture that ROI is literally in our name. We don’t report on vanity metrics such as “likes, shares, etc.” and other metrics that feel-good but are worthless. Instead, we focus on the absolutely-critical-must-know metrics like CPL, CPA, CPS, CTR, and most importantly, ROI.


ROI Monkeys has deep knowledge of blockchain (tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, people, etc.).

Our founders operate a highly-respected blockchain business.

Unlike all the other agencies, we know what it takes to increase your brand awareness, grow your user adoption, gain a positive reputation, and cement yourself as an authority and leader in this burgeoning industry.

In fact, Preston has been in the blockchain industry since 2013. The founders also host a top rated podcast and run a top rated event series. There’s no marketing agency that knows blockchain better than we do.

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We’re Picky About Our Clients.
Here’s the bottom line…

Servicing you is our greatest joy and gift, and we value being your trusted partner so much that if we don’t think we can do an AMAZING job for you, we’ll tell you so that we don’t waste your time. (And, we’ll refer you to someone else who can help you.)

But that’s not all. Because we’re a boutique agency, we pick and choose our clients carefully.

We only work with clients who:

Want exceptional returns

Have a strong bias toward action

Run lean (i.e. build-measure-learn, repeat)

Are willing to work with us to make it happen

Can We Help You
Grow Your Business?

You’ve found someone unlike traditional agencies.
We’ll treat your company’s bottom line like our own.
You’ll work directly with the founders, not account execs.

Let’s have a friendly chat to find out how we can help you grow your business!

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